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PRICES & prints
We offer a variety of options to let your iris truly come alive
Includes Iris Photoshooting, Photograph editing & Digital file 1200x1200 pixel
iris Edge
Softens the harsh transition of the edge to a black background
Let your irises come together
High resolution
Digital photograph 5000-7000 pixel
After the photoshoot your photographs will be safely kept in our archive, so you can always re-order any prints or other products
Metallic or wooden pendants
Different variations of natural stones
Prints & Framing
Kapa is a light board of 1 cm thickness, with a layer of cardboard on both sides. A photograph is glued to the front side of the board, on a semi-gloss high-quality photographic paper.
Photos on the foam board are of higher quality than usual photos and look classier than just printouts on the wall.
The image glued to the foam board is very light, thus a small nail or double-sided tape is enough to hang it.
Aluminum frame
We recommend choosing a photo foam board with a high-quality aluminum frame by Nielsen. The frame looks impressive, covers the visible edge of the photo board and offers additional protection to the picture.
Wooden frame
A stunning option to enhance your piece of art and give it an even more luxurious look. Of course, we do not forget about the additional protection to the picture.
Museum glass (non-reflective)
Art gallery feeling at your home, the most exclusive solution for your interior.
Museum glass is an exclusive non-reflective glass that protects images without additional distortion. Its highest-level transparency creates an "open picture" effect that does not change the colours of the image. This means that the gloss of the glass-covered work remains true to the original and shows the work in its natural colours. Museum glass blocks the lion's share of daylight's ultraviolet light, protecting the paper and inks against losing their colours and fading.
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